James Wahlstrom

Hello My Name Is...

James Wahlstrom

Mr. Wahlstrom

I was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  I lived in Utah while working and going to college.  I lived in Virginia for 19 years.  During my time in Virginia I received two graduate degrees.  I got married in Maryland and my 3 children were born in Virginia.

 I have been serving as an educator for many years.  I have enjoyed my teaching opportunities, helping reach students in sometimes difficult circumstances.  As an elementary administrator I worked to put students, families and other educators first.  I have worked in a variety of school settings including a juvenile detention center and a private residential day school.   My teaching experiences have been with students from elementary, middle, and high schools at various times.

I enjoy living in West Wendover.  Some of my relatives including my grandparents lived in Wendover for many years.