Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Participation in clubs and activities helps students develop a sense of camaraderie and make friendships based on common interests. We encourage students to get involved and have some fun while they learn new skills.


Future Business Leaders of America
Build your career and leadership skills in business, marketing, and finance by joining FBLA and participating in real-world (and simulated) workplace experiences. 

Advisors: Cris- Anne Dy, Deborah Heselton, Annette Murphy

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
Learn about family roles and community leadership while honing interpersonal communication skills, developing practical life skills, and building creative and critical thinking skills in the context of family and consumer sciences education.

Advisors: Deseret Blake and Maricruz Escobedo

Jobs for American Graduates
This mentorship program connects students with community leaders and business owners to expand their knowledge of post-secondary opportunities and equip them to get (and keep) a job through internships and work-based learning experiences.

Advisor: Lysette Perez

Develop vocational skills in this national organization for students who want to pursue careers in technical, skilled, and service occupations (including health occupations). 

Advisor: Ted McAdams

Academic Olympic Team

The Academic Olympic Team is a group of students who compete in general knowledge trivia challenges. Students posses a wide range of knoweledge, a competivite spirit, the desire to learn and improve, and the ability to quickly recall information.

Advisor: Tyler Peterson

Student Council
Engage in the democratic process and develop leadership skills through the student council. Elected student leaders organize events and fundraising opportunities while partnering with administrators to address student concerns and increase school morale.

Advisor: Matthew Mascaro

Extracurricular Activities

Students in good academic and behavioral standing at West Wendover are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities such as school dances and field trips. All school rules apply during such activities (even when off campus) and may require that students submit signed permission slips and/or purchase tickets to participate.