College & Career Readiness

Dreaming about your future? Don’t rule anything out. Our counseling team helps you become college and career-ready by sharing information about selecting a career, college entrance protocols, and joining the military. Take a look. 

Area Colleges to Consider

Financial Aid & Scholarship Resources

Paying for college requires planning. Know what to expect and how to get help.

Local Scholarship Opportunities

Local scholarship opportunities are another great way to save money on college. Though cash equivalents are lower, the odds of earning these scholarships are much higher. Use our platform on Going Merry to find scholarships specific to WWHS students and our local region. After signing up, you will be instantly matched to thousands of available scholarships—all for free!

School-Specific Scholarships

Many post-secondary schools also offer merit-based scholarships specific to their school. Be sure to check with the admissions department at your school of choice to see if they have scholarships you might qualify for.

Scholarships for Athletes

Everything you do in high school opens the door to new scholarship opportunities, whether it's volunteering or athletics. Check out these opportunities for student athletes.

Get Started

The future can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just take it one step at a time.

Other Options

College isn’t for everyone. Use these resources to help you find a path that’s right for you.

College Entrance Exams

Standardized testing can strike fear into the most intelligent and confident of students. Conquer this hurdle with knowledge and preparation.